Vulgar Advice vs The Daily Stoic Comparison

Compare Vulgar Advice vs The Daily Stoic. See how these two newsletters stack up against each other when it comes to reviews, pricing, and more.

Vulgar Advice

Vulgar Advice
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Vulgar Advice is the free five-minute newsletter that delivers inspiring wisdom with a sprinkle of cursing in your inbox every week. Every once in a while, we throw in a light-hearted book report on a self-help classic and a quick tale from a badass person in history.

The Daily Stoic

The Daily Stoic
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The Daily Stoic is a newsletter that offers daily wisdom and insights inspired by Stoic philosophy. It provides practical advice and reflections for personal growth, resilience, and living a fulfilling life.

Vulgar Advice Upvotes


The Daily Stoic Upvotes


Vulgar Advice Category

Self ImprovementHumor

The Daily Stoic Category

PhilosophySelf Improvement

Vulgar Advice Frequency


The Daily Stoic Frequency


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The Daily Stoic Subscription Type


Vulgar Advice Platform Used


The Daily Stoic Platform Used


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The Daily Stoic Language


Vulgar Advice Location

    United States of America

The Daily Stoic Location

    United States of America

Vulgar Advice Tags

AlivenessWisdomMental HealthWellnessGrowth

The Daily Stoic Tags


Between Vulgar Advice and The Daily Stoic, which one is superior?

Upon comparing Vulgar Advice with The Daily Stoic, which are both amazing self improvement newsletters, The upvote count favors Vulgar Advice, making it the clear winner. The number of upvotes for Vulgar Advice stands at 7, and for The Daily Stoic it's 3.

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By Rishit