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At Smartspaces, we aim to bridge the gap between curiosity and knowledge by offering a curated selection of engaging scientific live events and content.

If it would be easier to find top, frontier, engaging live science content - how many people would ditch the evening Netflix session for a casual lecture about telescopes on the moon or a webinar on mechanobiology?

We believe that a rich trove of scientific knowledge should be accessible and inviting, not just to those entrenched in the field, but also to the curious minds standing at the threshold. By offering avenues to explore new topics and engage with thought-provoking content, we aspire to make every week a unique festival of science for our community.

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The Information is a subscription-based newsletter that provides in-depth coverage of the technology industry, including news, analysis, and exclusive insights.

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Philipp Herkelmann

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Which one is better? Smartspaces or The Information?

When we compare Smartspaces with The Information, which are both amazing tech newsletters, The users have made their preference clear, Smartspaces leads in upvotes. The number of upvotes for Smartspaces stands at 11, and for The Information it's 4.

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